How to get Involved

This is an image of four people at a patient event. There is a researcher or clinician in a green involvement t-shirt, she is pointing at something on the table and the other three people are looking at it.

What does patient and public involvement look like?

Patient and pubic involvement (PPI) is the active inclusion of members of the public in influencing research (i.e. giving people a say in the research we do). Examples include:

    • membership on an institutions strategic or operational committees

    • design of a research project

    • prioritisation of research

    • offering advice as members of a project steering group

    • commenting on, developing and disseminating research findings and materials

    • undertaking interviews with research participants

Moorfields BRC Research Community

If you would like to help us shape research, then please join our 'Research Community'

As part of our Research Community you may be invited to:

  • Attend future events on eye research

  • Contribute to the design of research studies through email correspondence/letter or by joining a discussion group

  • Respond to questionnaires that help researchers to develop studies in areas of relevance to you

Please be aware that signing up to the Research Community is not a means through which you will be made aware of current trials that are recruiting participants.

Patient Research Champion Initiative

A Patient Research Champion (PRC) is someone who works with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) to promote health research from a patient point of view. They could be a patient, service user, carer who is enthusiastic about health research and is willing to communicate that to other patients, publics and healthcare professionals. You can find out more on the NIHR's Patient Research Champion website or click the button below to find out about being a PRC in the North Thames region.

People in Research

Connects research organisations and researchers with members of the public by advertising opportunities to get actively involved in research.

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