Stargardt's Day 2017

Since Stargardt's Day the patient panel have been working to set up a new patient group called Stargardt's Connected to support people living with Stargardt disease.

Read our World Rare Disease Day 2019 interview with Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder Bhavna Tailor on how the group are bringing this community together today and about their plans for the future.

This is an image of the Stargardt's logo. It has a yellow background with black eye drawing. The eye drawing is simple with a star in the centre. Underneath the eye is written Stargardt's Connected.
Stargardt's Day

On Saturday 18th March 2017, the NIHR Moorfields Biomedical Research Centre and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology hosted a meeting in London for people with Stargardt disease. The aim of the meeting was to bring together those affected by Stargardt disease, their families and supporters to:

  • Meet one another and share both experiences as well as hints and tips for daily living

  • Find out about Stargardt disease and some of the research being undertaken to address it from researchers and clinicians

  • Discuss what people feel should be the priorities for the future, with the opportunity to share these with clinicians, researchers and charities supporting people with Stargardt disease and their families.

Download the meeting report here.

This is an image of two people stood behind a model eye. They are engaged in a conversation. This image was taken at Stargardt's Day.

Find out more about Stargardt's Disease and what happened on Stargardt's Day 2017.

In this image you can see three people at the front of an audience. One person is stood up and is giving a talk.

Watch some of the talks from the day and find out about the contributors

In this image there are 4 people sat around a table. They are in discussion. There are pieces of paper on the table.

An opportunity for those attending to meet with organisations who are providing various kinds of support to people with Stargardt’s disease.

In this image there is one person looking at information that is posted on the wall. There are big posters on the wall, that are asking big questions. Underneath patients have written their contributions on big post it notes.

Throughout the day people answered important questions of interest - find out what the responses were here.