Our research themes

Test tubes

Vascular Disease
and Inflammation 

Restoring eye health by further understanding and rebalancing of the immune system. 

Theme Lead: Prof. Sobha Sivaprasad
Co-Lead: Prof. Marcus Fruttiger

Geneticist at work

Genomic Discovery
and Therapeutics 

Using advances in genetics to develop personalised interventions, including gene therapies, for a wide range of ocular conditions. 

Theme Lead: Prof. Alison Hardcastle
Co-Lead: Prof. James Bainbridge

Lab Machine

Regenerative Therapies, Lasers
and Medical Devices 

Developing cell-based therapies and diagnostics; controlling scar repair and restoring function with biodevices and new technology; improving current therapies and drug delivery for global benefit. 

Theme Lead: Prof. Julie Daniels
Co-Lead: Prof. Pete Coffey

researcher at microscope

Translational Data Science 

Harnessing the huge wealth of ophthalmic data characterising human ophthalmic diversity at a population level and delivering this data to the other themes, as well as digital and therapeutic innovations at the clinical level. 

Theme Lead: Prof. Paul Foster
Co-Lead: Dr Anthony Khawaja

patient and professional at eye imaging machine

Imaging, Visual Assessment
and Digital Innovation 

Using innovations in medical imaging and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to assess the structure and function of the eye in great detail, and applying these across the other themes at the level of both clinical care and research. 

Theme Lead: Prof. Pearse Keane
Co-Lead: Prof. Marinko Sarunic